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Indian Subsidiary Company

Indian Subsidiary Company

A wholly owned subsidiary is a company that is completely owned by another company. The company that owns the subsidiary is called the parent company or holding company. The parent company will hold all of the subsidiary's common stock. Parent companies and their subsidiaries companies are separate legal entities.One company, including the parent company, cannot be held liable for the debts of another company.

Wholly Owned Indian Subsidiary Company Registration Process in India.

  • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
  • Director Identification Number (DIN).
  • Company Name approval.
  • Open your Bank Account and Start a business.
  • PAN
  • Final Incorporation and CIN.
  • Necessary Registrations.
  • RBI Compliances for FDI in India.

  • Documents required for wholly owned indian subsidiary company registration -from all directors and shareholders 

  • A copy of passport of foreign directors (duly notarized by the indian   embassy).
  • scanned copy of incorporation certificate issued by the respective foreign government (llc/ inc) (duly notarized by the indian embassy).
  • A resolution from llc / inc for opening a subsidiary company in india. (duly notarized by the indian embassy).
  • Scanned copy of voter's id/passport/driver's license & pan of indian director.
  • Passport-sized photograph of all directors and shareholder.
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